About Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics

Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics is a compilation explaining all of the essential phenomena that describes the physics of the Universe, as well as all basic scientific facts needed for covering the disciplines of engineering. It is so thick I had to divide it into four volumes (I am working on a fifth volume that will cover atomic scale physics and nanotechnology). It covers the essential facts known in the scientific community about mechanics (motion, gravity, Newton's laws, momentum, statics, oscillations, etc..) as well as electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, optics, relativity, and fluid mechanics. The book is unique in the sense that along with the extensive material covered, it is complete with detailed explanations of all of the fundamental equations as seen in a physics text book, and the whole work is written with illustrations in a comic book format, making it arguably one of the most comprehensive books of its kind. Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics was technically edited by three associates of mine. One graduated with a physics degree, and the other with a mechanical engineering degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and the third is a retired professor, Robert Gillies AB, Physics Clark University, M.N.S. (WPI), who is a head member for the National Education Association, and has written two technical books himself.

Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics contains 99% of the SAME material that would otherwise be taught in college level physics classes, but displayed with relative ease so it can be read at a high school, or even middle school level. You are bound to learn a ton about science if you sit and actually read the whole series of volumes through. If you find that you can learn about things through visualization, this supplementary guide to Physics might be a good piece of work for you. If you're a student forced to take hard classes against your will, you know it's a dog eat dog world of academics these days. Do it differently! If you like the blandness of how the subjects on science are being taught right now, get offended too easily, think you're intellectually superior for comic books, and are more interested in content than the actual essence and pursuit of knowledge that is conveyed in this book, then this book ain't for you!

Why would anyone want to read Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics?

  • If you admittedly suck and math and science, this book will give you a fighting chance to keep up with the incomprehensible material that makes up science (which you have to learn at school anyways).
  • If you ever, for once in your life, actually care to understand how things in the universe truly work, this book will give you some insight on that..
  • If you're a comic buff, this book is a collector's item.
  • It may very well make you smart, and maybe even give you the knowledge to consider a high paying occupation in the technology sector.
  • If you ARE working in the technology sector in industry, it's a great resource for brushing up on your notes whenever you are given a project involving physical phenomena you don't fully understand.
  • It's the most comprehensive physics book existing in a comic format that could prove useful as a supplementary guide to the huge demographic of students (high school/college), and readers who are otherwise intimidated by the abstract complexities of physical mechanics and its other hard-to-understand related concepts.

What Professionals are Saying
about Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics

"The book strikes a unique balance in making physics fun and not compromising necessary conceptual information. It reaches students at their level.. Material is made accessible by employing the kind of style that many students can connect to..."

Germano S. Iannacchione
Associate Professor/Department Head
Worcester Polytechnic Institute